Reasons To Consider Vinyl Replacement Windows

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Homeowners don't buy replacement windows very often — most likely only once during their tenure in a house. So, they may find the choices available a little overwhelming. One choice you'll make is about the frame material. The main choices are wood, composite, aluminum, and vinyl. Below are some reasons to consider vinyl as your main choice.

Vinyl Windows Are Durable

Manufacturers construct vinyl windows out of polyvinyl chloride and other components. Altogether, this material construction prevents ultraviolet light from deteriorating the frame. Vinyl frames don't fade or warp over time. What's more, vinyl isn't susceptible to warping or rot due to humidity. So, your vinyl windows should last a long time.

Vinyl Windows Require Little Maintenance

All windows require a little maintenance, mostly in the form of vigilance to ensure they're operating smoothly. However, materials such as wood require more involved maintenance. Vinyl windows do not. The surface is very scratch resistant, so you shouldn't have to worry about the frame. They also don't stain. If you need to wash them, simple soap and water will suffice.

Vinyl Frames Are Paintable

When you buy new windows, you'll have to choose the frame color. Many homeowners opt for white or beige frames because those colors go with anything. However, vinyl window frames can also be painted. So, if you have specific décor in one room, you can paint the frame to match. The ability to paint the frames also affords you the opportunity to change your mind about colors.

Vinyl Windows Look Stylish

Along the same lines, vinyl frames on their own look stylish. They come in a variety of colors well beyond white and beige. What's more, manufacturers make them so they feature wood graining on the surface. They do a good job of mimicking that material without the associated costs and maintenance.

Vinyl Windows Can Be Energy Efficient

Certain frame materials, such as wood or composite, are naturally energy efficient. Vinyl as a material isn't naturally energy efficient because it will conduct heat. However, you can select windows that have insulation in their frame and glass. As Home and Garden TV points out, a well-constructed vinyl window can offer great energy efficiency with proper installation.

Vinyl Windows Are Budget-Friendly

One of the biggest reasons homeowners consider vinyl windows is because they're easy on the budget. The manufacturing process is relatively low cost, which translates into a lower cost for the frame construction. What's more, vinyl window installation costs are usually lower. So, you can translate the lower costs into savings or into window upgrades such as energy efficiency options.

Give thought to choosing vinyl for your replacement windows. 

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